Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Obama’s Deportation Numbers Not True

I believe Sheriff Joe over any corrupt politician including those claiming to be on “our side” (Paul Ryan) who work on amnesty behind closed doors with hardcore proponents for amnesty.

If there is one thing this imperial regime is an expert at it is cooking the books. I have no doubt the deportation figures are fixed to create the illusion the problem is bigger, unjust and unfair to those poor poor illegals who have come into America ILLEGALLY where “something has to be done”. That phrase is the corrupts go-to phrase to ram legislation down the nations throat with bills no one ever reads. Bills that never do what they were intended to do that are designed with pork to benefit its sponsors, pander to minority groups and radical organizations while screwing the American people.

You can be sure deportations will be the new narrative the left will use to push immigration reform and get amnesty through. If they don’t get something in the works/ done before summer recess you can bet the boy king will use his magic pen to make things happen.