The Truth About Mitch McConnell

Let the left’s mouth water at the infighting even “civil war” within the GOP who cares. McConnell’s record is all that should matter to a voter and he votes like a democrat. Kentucky voters why do you insist on keeping this guy in power when you can have someone better? You complain about career politicians but then keep one in power! You want to vote dem vote dem, you want to vote rep vote rep just get rid of the girls and guys like McConnell out!

Keeping career politicians in power who have played a direct role in the destruction course this nation is on is pure insanity. You know the saying doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome is insane. Well that applies to elections keeping the power elite in office for far too long. Don’t take my word for it or what is said by Freedomworks in this ad, go do the homework you’ll see it’s all true. McConnell like all progressive republicans, establishment GOP, RINO’s etc is no different from Pelosi, Schumer, Jackson Lee etc etc. Progressive republicans are just democrat lite they do not share the same views as most conservative Americans, they only say they do to get elected. Throw this clown out and give Matt Bevin a shot, what is the worst to happen everything stays the same? We’re already on a collision course with disaster with Mitch, allowing Bevin a shot might turn us off course or slow it down vs the full steam ahead approach McConnell has!