Ferguson Grand Jury Reportedly Reached a Decision, Announcement Expected Today

Well if the media is correct we will be getting an answer today on the Wilson-Brown shooting today. I have this odd feeling the grand jury will submit to mob/political pressure and indict Wilson passing said pressure to a trial jury to make a final decision. Regardless of which way it goes the agitators that have infiltrated Ferguson are not going to back off though. Let’s be honest people riot after football, baseball and other sports events when their team wins so saying a riot won’t happen IF Wilson is indicted is not far-fetched!

Radical agitators that have co-opted the legit protests want violence in the streets of America. They didn’t get what they wanted after the Zimmerman trial so they may go for it this time around. Those in Ferguson & St Louis area need to stay on alert and be prepared for the worst even if Wilson is indicted!