Obama’s Amnesty Plan Will Cost $2 Trillion

American taxpayers you are going to foot the $40 billion per year for the next 5 decades to cover Darth Hussein’s amnesty plan!

Where is this money coming from? Hmm? We have 100 million out of work, 50 million living below the poverty line with 47 million on food stamps, the economy has been flat-lining for years showing no signs of recovery. Maybe the Fed will start running the printing press again! As Varney explains illegal will be getting Social Security numbers where they will benefit from a program the majority have not paid their fair share into. That’s your money America, your money Darth Hussein has more or less handed over to illegals. Illegals who ARE NOT the best and brightest from their nations of origin.

Emperor obama open the flood gates for people to come into this nation who have absolutely nothing to offer us. He couldn’t careless that this open border policy with an unsustainable welfare state will destroy the US economy. This is about power and control for the democrat party which will lead to one party rule. Don’t hold your breath for the republicans to do anything to stop this lawless president they have already surrendered the power of the purse and shelved impeachment. We second class citizens are on our own…