Hypocrite Obama Says Future Presidents Cannot Use His Logic on Executive Orders

Good luck if you can stomach listening to this hypocrite stumble justifying what he did with illegals is okay but future presidents would “absolutely not” be able to use that same logic on taxes.

We have Darth Hussein on tape saying repeatedly he didn’t have the legal authority to go it alone. He is also on tape saying he gave the House every opportunity to pass the Senates amnesty bill. In the end he did what he wanted. Now if a future President goes down a similar path, as Stephanopoulos suggests, with regards to taxes they can’t go it alone and issue an executive order?! Does this idiot understand the very rules and boundaries he is trying to set he just broke with his illegal executive action?!

Sorry Barry but you just set precedent for executive power and you cannot put limits on it. This is the power many have warned democrats would rue the day they sat back and allowed him to run loose unchallenged. Someday there will be a republican President and Congress who is going to take a page from obama. Hopefully that future President will pull an obama enraging the left and when he or she is interviewed they will cite Nov 20th 2014 as their justification for whatever EO they did. We Conservatives can only hope when and if that day comes such an EO would be for something meaningful and truly important to help this country not hurt it as obama has done time and again!