Judge Pirro Eviscerates Obama For His ‘Deliberate, Unrestrained, Irresponsible and Unprecedented Defiance of US Constitution and Rule of Law’

Judge Pirro as expected eviscerated emperor obama for bypassing Congress, violating the separation of powers granting amnesty to 5+ million illegal aliens. Pirro crushed the boyking on every bullet point of her opening statement from the impact on Social Security, unemployment, healthcare (Rep Joe Wilson has now been vindicated), access to food stamps, voting etc.

She proved this illegal action was not thought through, by the petulant child, citing how would there be any way to verify who has actually legitimately been here for 5 years. ID fraud is already a problem does the emperor think these people who were already getting fake ID’s wont get fake documents to prove “residency”? Then there are the criminals coming across the border who will benefit from this amnesty as well where a background check will be useless.

For a man who claims he taught Constitutional law for 10 years and admitted 25 times he does not have dictatorial powers none of that seemed to matter now. This is what you do when you are a radical progressive putting Alinsky and Cloward & Piven tactics to work for fundamental transformation! The US is now on its way to third world status.