CNN Anchor Gets Into Heated Exchange With Ferguson Protester

CNN’s Michael Smerconish took on Bassem Masri about the escalation and tension rising in Ferguson MO, as the nation awaits an answer on whether or not Darren Wilson will be indicted for the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Masri is one of the many responsible for amping up tension in Ferguson where Smerconish directly called him out for spitting on police. In typical fashion Masri played it off claiming he did not spit but made the sound of spitting, that it is something cultural “Arabs” do. Uh huh… don’t recall ever hearing that about the Arab culture and in the vids I’ve seen from the middle east when they want to spit on someone they spit, they don’t pretend! America you have heard this excuse before for unacceptable behavior. During the Zimmerman trial Saint Skittles friend Rachel Jeantel stated the use of racial overtones is in their culture its how they are!

These protesters have no intentions of keeping the peace in Ferguson and couldn’t careless that Brown’s father, emperor obama or Minister Holder have called for calm and peace. They want a fight because they cannot accept those they support are the in the wrong in many instances. These people only want the system to do what it is designed to do as long as it’s on their side. They want what and how they feel to dictate the outcome and to hell with the facts. The facts being leaked are dismissed so one is left to conclude they just want an excuse to start a fight. Yes there have been injustices to the minorities in the past but that doesn’t mean you push for someone to be punished for something they didn’t do. You do not try to start a fight one minute and then claim the next you’re going to be peaceful.

CNN’s Smerconish should have asked Masri who is giving these radicals their de-escalation “training”? Lisa Fithian a hardened radical revolutionary is behind the scenes helping (“training”) charge this powder keg in Ferguson.

Masri and the majority of protesters are dismissing facts that have been released/leaked choosing what they heard to be fact. For instance he is lying that Brown’s arms were in the air because the autopsy report, a fact he and his ilk refuse to acknowledge, proved otherwise! Masri claims he is peaceful and restrained that what was in the clips is old, but look at his demeanor now. Look how enraged he gets in a simple tv interview! What do you think he and many others just like him are going to do if Darren Wilson is not indicted?!

Based on whats been released/ leaked there is a high probability Wilson will not be indicted. If this turns out to be true Ferguson MO is going to turn into a war zone.

FYI Mari is a pro-palestinian radical who supports Hamas (a terrorist organization). So you can be sure he has additional motives for participating in this protest since countless radicals have co-opted the protests.