Megyn Kelly Destroys Alan Colmes For Trying to Mislead Audience Over Obama’s Executive Amnesty

Good grief not even 10 seconds into the interview closet communist Alan Colmes tries to rewrite history! The imperial emperor NEVER tried to move on immigration reform when he had a super majority for the first two years of his reign! That fact among others Kelly destroys him on are irrelevant to this progressive, aka communist, trying to justify obama’s unprecedented seizure of power. It’s mind-boggling this guy has the balls to go on national television and blame the GOP for not moving on immigration where they only hold 1/2 of 1/3 of govt power!

Do you see how seditious, methodical and insane progressives are, where they’ll simply plant the seeds of doubt, tell you what you heard you didn’t hear!? Thank God Megyn Kelly has all the facts to counter everything this SOB said. Colmes clearly got the memo from Sub-Pres Jarrett to change the narrative but being the weak and pathetic soldier he is Colmes couldn’t sell the lies!

I cannot put into words how much I despise this man. He is one of the most evil and deceptive individuals in the obama propaganda machine.

Hey Alan, Goebbels would be proud how hard you try to sell lies!