Illegal Alien Says Obama’s Amnesty Inspired Them to Cross Border

First off Darth Hussein said in his imperial diktat that “more agents and technology deployed to secure our southern border than at any time in our history” so how did all these people in the video clip get across? Next exactly who is paying for these illegal aliens bus ride to parts unknown in the US?

Regardless of what his majesty says illegals crossing the border right now and since he opened his big mouth in 2012 will benefit from his amnesty plan. Just like they can acquire false records, Social Security cards, ID’s etc they will get whatever documentation they need “proving” they have been here for five years or greater! But it doesn’t just stop with those who came here the last five+ years this is blanket policy for all of these criminals. (By their very nature and existence in the US they are criminals who low how to work the system.) Does anyone really believe that only 5mil illegal aliens will benefit from Darth Hussein’s executive amnesty?! The numbers will be much higher and these people like the women in this video offer absolutely nothing to this country. She and many like her are here for the free stuff. If she were the best and brightest she would have come through the legal way!

Obama has more or less just announced the border is wide open for everyone to come on in. Last time I checked this is a violation of 8 US Code ร‚ยง 1324 “Bringing in and harboring certain aliens”, not that anyone reads the code/ laws anymore. No instead the DC destroyers claim the system is broken and we need new laws to bury the ones like this. Mark my words Congress will do absolutely nothing about this power grab. You just witnessed history America, as this president just set precedent on absolute power under the Executive Branch.

So America how does it feel to be second class citizen?