Rep Steve King: Obama’s Amnesty Order is “Constitutional Crisis”, Tore Article 1 Out of Constitution

Steve King is one of the few rebels in the GOP who is willing to take action against the emperor but you can be sure the RINO’s will attack him, Reps Gohmert & Gowdy, Sens Sessions & Cruz and anyone else who steps out of line. Yes you read it right it will be the Est GOP not the democrats that will go on the attack. This thing will drag out and sooner or later the rebels will be attacked for putting the party in danger for simply wanting to use the tools provided to them in the Constitution to stop Darth Hussein.

We are now in a Constitutional crisis because obama has in fact torn out Article 1 by legislating from the imperial throne room. We the People have now been turned into second class citizens to the 5 million plus that will be legalized when his majesty waves his magic pen in Las Vegas. Those 5 million have families and extended families who will find a way to come here and falsify whatever documentation they need to show they’ve been here for over 5 years. Illegals by their nature are criminals they know how to work the system and how to obtain fake credentials. If they can get a fake ID and/or Social Security card it’s safe to say they will get whatever they need to prove “residency” for the 5 year minimum.

You witnessed history Nov 20th, it was the day the final stages of fundamental transformation were put into motion. Now the Cloward and Piven strategy will be put into overdrive by this lawless president when illegals overwhelm our economic, social and healthcare systems causing tension among the people potentially leading to violence.

You think its bad in Ferguson MO, wait until they all learn they just got replaced by illegals on the food chain!