Propaganda Minister: Obama’s Amnesty Order “is Legally Unassailable”

This idiot has a degree in political science how he concludes the emperor actions are “legally assailable” is laughable. There is nothing in the US Constitution giving obama power to legislate. Rewind to 1787, the Founders drafted the Constitution to maintain separation of powers and prevent the nation from being ruled by a dictator; Washington did not want to be King! This all makes sense since they went to war to separate from a dictator, so anyone arguing the President today has power to do as they wish is insane. Do you really think the Founders sat around after fighting a war for independence and thought “let’s allow the President the power to override Congress and the will of people. Let’s give him unilateral power to do whatever he wants, when he wants and rule by executive orders”?

The President is bound by Article 2, nowhere in it does it state the President has the power to legislate. The President is in command of the military, make treaties, etc but there is nothing in all 4 sections of Article 2 stating obama has the power to legislate. Article 1 Section 1 clearly states “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.”

Darth Hussein has blown up the Constitution with this unilateral action granting amnesty to illegal aliens. Yes to you libs out there we all heard what he said with all the caveats but do you think he will stick to it? The man lies incessantly, his unilateral actions on obamacare is proof he will change the rules as he goes along, which is exactly why the House would not move forward on an immigration bill. Obama cannot be trusted to follow the law so what he did was grant amnesty! There is no legal basis to stand on and for the record Reagan nor Bush 41 did anything even remotely like what emperor obama did Nov 20, 2014 (aka Mexican National Revolution Day).

This illegal action will most likely end up before the Supreme Court. Do not hold your breath for SCOTUS to undo obama’s illegal actions. When time came for them to step up on obamacare Chief Justice Roberts showed the shill he is and he will do it again… makes you wonder what they have on him!

We are now in a Constitutional crisis the longer this monster remains unchallenged; the US IMO is now in a cold civil war.