Eric Holder Tells Cops in Ferguson to Behave

Yes this is the same Eric Holder who has more or less thrown gasoline on the fire in Ferguson telling cops to behave themselves! How about telling the agitators, radicals, communists, socialists and anarchist revolutionaries WHO DON’T EVEN LIVE in Ferguson/ St Louis area to go home!?

There is NO peaceful protest in Ferguson all we see and hear are people demanding Officer Wilson be convicted of a crime and all cops should die. The infiltrators are constantly provoking the police for gotcha moments to be caught on camera. Race hustler Al Sharpton continues to amp people up, while radical Lisa Fithian is holding training sessions on how to engage the police and National Guard. Oh and lets not forget the pro-palestinians and some alleged muslim groups sticking their nose in this as well as other completely unrelated radical groups stoking the flames. These monsters are not participating/ planning peaceful protests, they actively organizing riots, unrest and outright violence.

A real Attorney General would have done a similar announcement but instead of telling the police to behave he would be asking the protestors to behave and out the radicals who have co-opted their movement. And this goes for Michael Brown’s father too. Not once in his video did he say “all of you radicals who are perverting the death of my son need to get the hell out”! Eric Holder and obama want to see massive civil unrest in Ferguson with the hopes of it spreading across the country. There is no other way to conclude their involvement. They didn’t get their way with Zimmerman so they are hoping their dreams of unrest will happen in MO.