Mark Levin: Obama Knows Damn Well TODAY is Mexico National Revolution Day

There is no doubt the imperial emperor chose today, Mexico’s National Revolution Day, to make his announcement on executive amnesty. Did you know the Latin Grammy’s are tonight? Did you know they will break to air his speech while the regimes propaganda networks won’t?! The imperial regime NEVER requested the air time from ABC, CBS or NBC but Univision will be airing his speech! Talk about pandering, Darth Hussein doesn’t even care anymore he is doing whatever he wants when he wants.. because he can.

As I stated Nov 4th he is now unleashed going full Sith on the entire nation. Emperor obama is not only punishing the republicans, democrats who turned on him but each and every American for the shift in power. You also realize he has done a complete 180° from all his speeches in the past, hell in 2008 he campaigned on being against executive authority! He just Grubered the entire nation all to increase power of the democrat/progressive machine with a new pool of mindless future voters!

How does it feel America to know after today you will be a second class citizen to illegals? Are mad yet? Not one person marching in the streets in protest of what he is doing. Let me guess you all are having discussions about when you will have meetings to discuss what to do in between your busy schedules?! While you plan to plan when to talk about doing something your nation just got bulldozed over by a communist self-appointed dictator…