Comrade Pelosi: Obama’s Executive Amnesty is About “Securing the Border”

LOL this twit thinks the border is going to be secured by executive amnesty? No just the opposite is going to happen and there will be a rush at the border and all other points of entry into the US. If that wasn’t the dumbest thing spoken today Pelozei thinks illegals, who by their very nature being here are breaking the law, will all of a sudden play by the rules, pay taxes and follow whatever else his majesty orders?!

The border after today will be even less secure and so will be our economy, healthcare system(already damaged by barackobamacare) and all social entitlement programs. You are witness the final nails being hammered into the nation as obama fulfills his promise to fundamental transform the USA.

The Grubering of America continues on, you know why? Because he & progressives can… because YOU LET THEM!