Krauthammer: Obama Issuing Executive Amnesty is “Flagrant Assault on the Constitution”, “Clearly Illegal”

Dr Krauthammer is correct on all points that executive amnesty is a flagrant assault on the Constitution, it’s clearly illegal and an impeachable offense, BUT no one in Congress has the guts to initiate the impeachment process. The republicants are scared to death to pull the trigger ever since 1998, following Clinton’s impeachment, when they lost power. They know the left will go on a full attack pulling the race card which will give them all the political ammo they need to regain power in 2016. Heck Rep Clyburn and many other progressives are constantly pulling the race card to justify every illegal act his majesty takes. Progressives are actually applauding the emperor to take unilateral illegal action because they like obama HATE the Constitution and the rule of law.

The other problem with impeachment is Joe Biden. If by some act of God Congress were able to impeach Darth Hussein no one wants Biden as potus because he defines train wreck. I argued on several occasions barry deliberately chose Biden as VP to be his insurance policy against impeachment. Remember everything his majesty does is cold and calculated. Knowing his radical agenda would bring the nation to the brink do you think he would have chosen someone favorable.. tolerable as his VP to take over should he get thrown out? Don’t you think by now if Hillary were VP Congress would jump at the opportunity to impeach the boyking?

This is now a dangerous game of chess being played, either way it plays out We the People will get screwed.

So what’s the solution? I’ll take the 5th for now, but ask what are those of you who swore an oath to protect this nation waiting for?