Liberal Professor Warns Megyn Kelly: Obama Violating Separation of Powers Creating “Government of One” Via Executive Orders

Professor Turley has spoken and warned repeatedly obama is driving this nation into a full Constitutional crisis as he violates the powers delegated to him. The Separation of Powers was established by the Founders to prevent exactly what obama is doing in creating a “government of one”. Obama has no fear of any political blowback, and frankly doesn’t care, because Congress has set a precedent by remaining silent, never challenging any of his executive orders. Courts have already ruled against some of his actions but none of it phases him as he seizes more power for the Executive Branch. He promised to fundamentally transform the USA and you are witnessing the final stages!

When obama pulls the trigger on amnesty or asylum (most likely) it will be a done deal. Congress will rant and rave, stomp their feet on the ground that “he cannot do this” but it won’t matter. In 3 years illegals will be “officially” embedded into America, like obamacare, where a new president will more than likely not reverse the imperial emperors executive order. Who said a conservative will be elected in 2016? There are no guarantees, we assume a conservative will get elected in 2016, while holding majorities in the House and Senate. If history has taught us anything the balance of power between the parties can shift very quickly. What if Hillary get’s elected? Do you really believe she will reverse this EO!?

What Congress can do to stop him is left in the air since they have surrendered the power of the purse and will not pursue impeachment because of the political ramifications. Hate to say this but the only ones who can stop him are democrats! They need to understand that this power obama uses a republican admin will one day use! They will as Turley and others have said “rue the day” they remained silent giving him a pass to bypass the rule of law. Whatever happens Americans will be screwed and the political elitists will benefit.

The social and economic impact will be detrimental to the millions of Americans already unemployed, living in poverty and homeless. Adding 5-11 million illegals into the equation will turn Americans into second class citizens taking the US into third-world nation status. We have millions of our own down and out how can we possibly absorb another 5-11++ million?

Amnesty is win for the elites and illegals and the final nail into Americas coffin.