Obama Doubles Down on Immigration Executive Order By Years End

Emperor Cry Baby keeps touting this “I gave them [House republicans] a year to pass immigration reform” nonsense, but no one in the crap media challenges him as to why when he held a supermajority for 2+ years he didn’t pass it! We can’t talk about that can we? No the democrats were too busy LYING to the American people ramming obamacare down our throats with the media complicit covering for them!

Here we are post midterm election and this clown acts like the new Congress is in place to work on an immigration bill. Whether it is a year, 6 mos or the last few weeks of 2014 he doesn’t want the republicans to work on an immigration bill. Darth Hussein wants the House to pass Marco Rubio (yea Marco we haven’t forgotten about you) & the Gang of 8’s amnesty bill (aka RubioCare) or else.

Since the repubs won’t move on RubioCare the emperor feels he has the legal authority to grant amnesty because “something has to be done with our broken immigration system”.

The immigration system is not broken.

We have more laws than anyone can count on the books that HE and all the jerks in Congress have blocked from being enforced. It is the president and Congress responsible for the system being broken because they refuse to enforce the laws on the books. The only system that is really broken is our govt! DC’s solution to every single problem in the US is write more laws.

Sorry to say Darth Hussein will move on executive amnesty and get away with it because the republicans and even some true blue blood democrats have no spine to stand up to him. Aside from impeachment (which they won’t touch) there are a few tools available to Congress to stop the lawless president, none will be effective though. Why? John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. Boehner and company say they will fight tooth and nail, which means a lawsuit. Well how’s that last lawsuit filed going for you Johnny? Power of the purse is an option, but McConnell has already said “no” to a govt shutdown, if it comes down to it.

Oh and btw boys and girls be warned as obama becomes fully unleashed pushing the envelope with executive orders he is forcing into court battles. Battles that will be fought in courts obama has stacked with radical judges! Got it? Do you now have an understanding of what this monster is up to? He doens’t care about the short-term, he plays for the long-term.. his legacy. Obama’s true legacy will be courts stacked with radical progressive judges who will continue to screw this country that share his ideology all because a handful of Americans chose not to choose the lesser of 2 evils in 2012! None of this would have happened under Romney. As bad as he is, he was no commie sympathizer or thinking he is above the rule of law!

Elections have consequences and we are going to learn a big lesson in a few weeks… Get ready you are about to become an official second class citizen to illegal aliens!