As GOP Sweeps Congress, Prepare for Obama to Become Unleashed

“…some reaction in courtesy of the New York Times from the president who is said to be ‘irritated’ to have complained, to have said that “he does not feel repudiated” but he is “aggressive and ready to go”…”

emperor obamaEven taking a huge political loss obama remains defiant!

With the republicans sweeping the House (adding 10+ seats) and having Senate majority we now enter 2 very dangerous years. Prepare for obama to become vicious, vindictive and act above the law at every opportunity. The blame games and finger-pointing toward the GOP will be off the charts. Do not forget the warnings I have put out over the last few years that the GOP is in fact being setup by obama and the democrat party.

Obama is going to show his true dark side now becoming Darth Hussein™. For the remaining months, while dems still hold their seats, expect a lot of radical legislation to be pushed through. Darth Hussein will issue a massive salvo of executive orders getting as much of his radical agenda into motion. Everything that has been held up from climate change, gun control and amnesty are now a possibility. It is just a question of when and how he and the dems will push radical legislation through. While the dems push laws, regs through Darth Hussein will most likely push immigration in late December granting amnesty, asylum or whatever he and his consigliere’s have concocted.

Next year when his political bodyguards and henchman, like that EVIL, VILE, MISERABLE, waste of flesh Harry Reid, are gone Darth Hussein will issue countless executive orders to bypass Congress. He will push the envelope on executive orders, regulations and even judicial appointments. The GOP will not move for impeachment they will attempt to stop him with other legislative means like the power of the purse.

Now as far as the setup goes the dems have done an enormous amount of damage to the country over the last 6 years the republican majority will have inherited. If the markets were to collapse Feb 1, 2015 because of what the dems have done to the economy the new Congress in session will be blamed for everything. If the US gets hit, if there is another Sandy, Katrina or some other devastating natural disaster the repubs will be blamed for everything that goes wrong. It won’t matter this new legislature was just sworn in, they will be blamed for everything. The dems are already plotting on how to use the disasters and lack or preparedness against the GOP to guarantee wins in 2016 2018 leading to one party rule. They will say “well America you chose to give them power and look what they have done” and that will be all they need to do on every single issue they played a hand at creating.

(12/27/16 While timing is wrong this theory of a democrat set-up, with an incoming Trump admin and republican majorities in the House and Senate,  still holds esp with Trump, an outsider etc, at the helm. For the record since losing dem majority power obama has been unleashed like no other POTUS, so that part of this post has held up! Never said I’m an expert on timing but my theories on bad things happening tend to be right. Hell I called it about Carrie Fisher’s demise… it’s no fun being right about bad things )

If the GOP were smart they would try to repair and undo as much damage as the dems have done but they won’t. We will witness a pissing match between them and Darth Hussein on every issue. The tension in DC is only going to get worse and his majesty knows it.. because he will be the driving force behind it!