Charlie Rangel Doubles Down Claiming Southern GOP & TEA Party Are Racist

Want to know what a racist looks like? Just look at Charlie Rangel who continues to lie about how racist southern GOP & TEA Party are, pushing his theory that slave owners became republicans and are now todays TEA Party. This is by far the most insane thing ever suggested as Tim Scott, Mia Love are both black and TEA PARTY candidates now Senator and Representative!! There are also countless other black conservatives throughout the South and all over the US. This piece of trash when called out by Blitzer to name names refused claiming Boehner knows who they are, does he?

Apparently Rangel didn’t get the memo but the majority of Americans as of Nov 4th aren’t falling for this false narrative created by race hustlers like Rangel. The midterm election was not only a repudiation of obamas radical policies but also the dems and this insanity they push of racism alive and well in the US. The American people have had it with this division and made it known yet Rangel and many PROGRESSIVE destroyers still cling to it in hopes of gaining a following through the uninformed voting class.

The US has the first bi-racial president, black legislators at the federal, state and local levels, a black Attorney General, fmr Sec of State, current National Security advisor etc etc. Someone needs to literally tell him and the rest of the race hustlers to shut up, enough, it’s over!