Minister of Propaganda: Obama Will Use Executive Authority on for Middle Class and Immigration Regardless of Election Results

Propaganda Minister“..the president has indicated that before the end of the year he’s prepared to use his executive authority to try to “fix” those elements of the immigration system that he can “fix””…

The immigration system doesn’t need to be “fixed”. The only thing wrong with it is the people charged with enforcing our immigration laws have “broken it” by not enforcing the laws on the books! His majesty doesn’t care about the election results because he knows he is going to create a whole new pool of voters for the SNC (Socialist National Committee formerly Democratic NC).

Now that black Americans are revolting against this democratic machine the socialist in chief knows he will have to act to replace those lost votes. The republicants claim they will use the power of the purse to stop his majesty but have they done that to date? NO! Are we to believe all of a sudden when and if they hold the Senate and the House they will start doing the job they were hired to do? Do not hold your breath America, remember the majority of the GOP is just democrat-lite. They have the same end goal as their progressive brothers & sisters in the SNC, they just use a different messaging and delivery system.

What we need are conservatives to take over the party and run the establishment out of office while also taking socialist seats. In a few hours will get an indicator how angry Americans are but fact remains obama will go full Mussolini after the election as Mark Levin warned!