Chicago Activists Unchained! Rage Against Democrats, Destroy Black Leadership

Bless these men for speaking the truth saying what many of us have been saying about the democrat party!

Paul McKinley may look familiar to some, he was one of many that let Al Sharpton and black leaders have an earful during a town hall meeting about what they have done to the black community in Chicago. It’s refreshing to hear people like McKinley, Mark Carter, Joseph Watkins and Harold Ward speak out against the neoliberal progressive machine especially the black democratic political leadership who are mainly proud members of the race hustling industry. Black leaders from Sharpton to Rep J Lewis all have something in common, they all have played a role in patronizing black Americans that it’s whitey’s fault but these race hustlers are the ones who put their own people in a corner telling them they are no good and won’t get ahead. How do we know this to be true? Look at the communities and who has been running them over decades it ain’t whitey as these gentlemen make abundantly clear.

I think with obamas election and lack of any progression within the black community they have woken up and realized they’re all being used to only help their elitist handlers stay in power, get rich while they remain down and out. Last year we saw a hint of this revolt and once in a while we see indications the tide is changing like with 82 yr old black grandmother early midterm voter. Ferguson MO is a mess but the actual citizens there know the score; they know it’s their leadership, white and black, responsible for the tension in their community and have been vocal about removing them all too!

Many will want to take swipes at these men and the black community for being asleep for so long, but instead how about we welcome and embrace them? McKinley says they have no TEA Party, why not help them organize and join the conservative movement because we need them! The left is shaking in their boots right now because they’re losing what they thought were guaranteed voters. (Now you understand why progressives are adamant about amnesty!) Americans need to hear this message from them and others like them to understand this fight against the progressive machine isn’t race driven. Black Americans need to hear their message to see they aren’t alone. Fact is it’s We the People (black, white, red, yellow purple whatever) vs the elitists overlords who have spent far too long a time in power keeping all of us down! Together we can take the elitists down while taking back our country!