Charles Barkley Lashes Out at Media and Ferguson Looter “Scumbags”: I Ain’t Shutting Up and I Ain’t Backing Down

The crap media pushing progressive agenda is responsible for the negative perception of black Americans. Sir Charles justifiably lashed out against the media for pushing lies about Ferguson and for the damage they are doing to the black community and nation. Barkley pointed stories of black Americans doing good deeds that are never covered by the media which only strengthens ones belief this is all a controlled narrative to divide the US. He believed the grand jury made the right decision based on the facts not how they felt or thought what happened. The media is not sharing any of the details of the grand jury decision instead allowing lies like Brown had his hand in the air and was executed to continue on.

Unlike the media Barkley is going to take the time to read the grand jury decision and not treat this shooting as white vs black, or a bad cop. He also came to the defense of cops where as the media is quick to put them in a bad light. We know there are bad cops they have been highlighted here many times but at least Barkley is willing to look at this with an open mind unlike the drones coast-to-coast!

You can be sure the former NBA star will be attacked relentlessly for this interview. But like he said I ain’t shutting up and I ain’t backing down! I guess Barkley is now a racist and not black enough anymore since he isn’t on board with the left!?