Judge Napolitano: Obama Lies About Whether Or Not He Lied in the Past

Megyn Kelly continues to rail against obama’s lies over his illegal authority to grant amnesty to over 5 million illegal aliens and misleading the nation on obamacare. Darth Hussein said 25 times he did not have the legal authority to grant amnesty. He has been caught an estimated 36 times lying about obamacare. This monster occupying the Peoples House is a pathological liar who has been given a pass by the crap media puppets like George Stephanopoulos.

Judge Napolitano weighed in making it clear there is nothing in the Constitution that grants POTUS the legal authority to make or change laws.

“He [obama] does not have the authority to change and rewrite a law.”

The power to legislate is reserved for the Legislative Branch aka our inept Congress. Sadly we do not have a competent Congress to keep this self-appointed emperor in line. Frankly under Article II & III the president is more of a puppet for Congress than a leader. Presidential power is limited to cabinet, judicial and other officer appointments, sign laws & treaties, grant pardons, command the military and deliver the State of the Union. Obama knows this but has stretched those limited powers into uncharted waters no thanks to our inept Congress. He uses his consigliere’s Atty Gen Holder & DHS Sec Johnson and radical liberals to find ways round the rule of law. This has set precedent that he can lie and manipulate his way to a true dictatorship.

The Judge torched the emperor stating he “does not have an adult relationship with the truth. The president lies about whether or not he lied in the past.” His lies and deceit only add to the level of distrust and division in the US. Kelly and Napolitano both agree he should just come clean and own up but that will never happen. Obama has never admitted fault with anything he has misled the nation on. He knows exactly what he is doing, this is all part of his promise to fundamentally transform the USA.