Rep Chaffetz Grills DHS Sec on Executive Amnesty & 4 Terrorists Caught on Border

It’s beyond clear and by obama’s own admission he had no authority (said it 25 times) to change the immigration law, but DHS Sec Johnson claims the emperor acted within the law/ existing authority!? To date neither obama nor Johnson has stated where in the US Constitution this authority giving POTUS legislative power exists; it is not listed anywhere in Article II Secs 2&3. Johnson has just proven why he was selected to run DHS.

Touting being an attorney for 30 years Johnson trivializes video of his boss admitting publicly he has no legal authority to change the law and under the same breath he is changed the narrative of the discussion suggesting there is convenient editing of obamas words. The DHS Secretary is a another professor of propaganda, a devout soldier to the emperors radical destructive agenda. Watch it again and look at the smug look on his face sitting there where you know he has total contempt for Rep Chaffetz and everyone in that room not in lock-step with that radical agenda he is helping to advance!

Even more infuriating is Johnson’s carefree attitude over the 4 Turkish terrorists caught on the border who have not been deported. Two detained are still in deportation proceedings and the other 2 were released by an immigration judge who “fled to Canada” seeking asylum! Whether they are granted asylum or not you know they’ll come back to the US to finish whatever they have planned out to do here!

Sec Johnson is an example of the consequences elections have. Maybe with a different Senate he wouldn’t have been confirmed, we’ll never know, but now we have to deal with this radical undermining US sovereignty & security.