Judge Napolitano to Megyn Kelly: Obama Playing With Constitutional Fire

kelly judge napAs I warned after the midterm election the emperor will unleash his true dark side violating the rule of law and powers delegated to him through the Constitution.

Darth Hussein knows he is violating his oath and is blatantly poking at the republicants knowing all well they will do nothing in retaliation! He wants them to pass the Senates amnesty bill otherwise he will go around them. Congress is afraid to use the powers given to them in the Constitution to keep him in line.

Why the rush though? No one seems to want to address what the big rush is to ram through amnesty. We know its to create a new pool of voters and since he is using his magic pen it doesn’t matter if he does it now or when the new Congress is sworn in. One is left conclude Darth Hussein wants to create a Constitutional fire by violating the Separation of Powers in hopes of gaining more political points for the Socialist Party in 2016. Remember they are thrilled about his threat to violate the law and also welcome seeing the nation divided.

It’s not tinfoil hat conspiracy to think they really are trying to start a fight in this country with everything being done. Whether he is abusing the law or stoking the flames of racism in Ferguson obama is trying to destroy this country and NO ONE in the GOP seems to be taking it seriously.

So boys and girls that means we, as always, are on our own…