Minister of Propaganda Can’t Explain How Campaign Bundler & Soap Opera Producer is Qualified to Be Ambassador

Listen to the Minister of Propaganda, Josh Earnest, do a song and dance completely dodging Jon Karl’s question to what makes Colleen Bell qualified to be an ambassador. Bell, a former campaign bundler and soap opera producer according to Earnest was chosen to be ambassador to Hungary because obama has confidence in her abilities?! That’s her qualifications? So all one needs to get appointed as an ambassador under Darth Hussein’s imperial empire is be a campaign bundler and have his “confidence”! The ability to negotiate, speak clearly and coherently, have a clue about the nation you are seeking to be appointed to, knowledge in international law & existing treaties and understand the national security implications are now optional. Write a big enough check or raise a lot of money for his majesty’s campaign will get you an ambassador appointment!

In all honesty where should the finger of blame be, with obama or those in the Senate who confirmed her?! Not a fan of John McCain but he at least put up a fight against confirming Bell, unfortunately the Senate confirmed her with a 52-42 vote.

This boys and girls is yet another example about how elections have consequences.