Megyn Kelly Battles Dem Rep Over Ferguson Ruling

Megyn Kelly once again proves why she is one of the top cable news anchors battled Rep Al Green over the facts of the Ferguson grand jury decision. Good luck if you can watch this without having your blood pressure spike listening to this radical Congressman. Green in typical progressive fashion talked over Megyn Kelly and rambled incoherently. We see this time and again when progs have nothing to stand on to defend their position.

People should know the prosecutor did not feel he had enough evidence to bring charges against Officer Wilson so he left it to the grand jury who agreed! Rep Green was one of the dem radicals who went on the House floor pushing the lie “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”. It was clear the eyewitness he was referring to was Dorian Johnson, Mike Browns accomplice, who originated the “hands up” lie to police. Green clearly has a problem comprehending facts like the forensic and eyewitness evidence which led to the grand jury’s decision. All who are in support of Mike Brown never mention the strong-armed robbery, assault and assault on a police officer he committed. They want people and grand juries to rule based on how they feel and what they think happened. No one is diminishing the value of black lives and making this case or any case about race you are submitting to race baiting of the left.

Radicals like Green are the cancer that is eating away at this nation. The rule of law, justice system are all in jeopardy if we allow them to win an argument on their feelings and thought vs facts. Kelly demonstrates we all have to go into a battle armed with facts and the truth. These things are like sunlight to vampires.