Krauthammer: Sen Warren’s Gov’t Shutdown Threat is ‘Spectacular Hypocrisy, a Festival of Hypocrisy’

Progressives never cease to amaze with their off the chart level of hypocrisy. Each and every one of them lives and breathes by “do as I say not as I do”. Last year Sen Warren and all the progressive destroyers demonized and attacked conservatives for doing exactly what they all are doing over CRomnibus. Cruz, Lee and the other rebels were terrorists, hostage takers etc trying to stop CR but now Warren, Pelosi, Waters etc are patriots for being opposed to the CR?! We are truly living in twisted times when up is down, light is dark and right is wrong.

Since we are living in a bizarro world lets hope Pocahontas’ star rises in the demoncrat party so we won’t have to deal with Hillary in the running for the White House. This nutcase will almost guarantee whomever the republicans select to run will win. Regardless of who is the demoncrat nominee lets make sure it’s a conservative wins!