Obama Claims 11 Million Jobs Have Been Created But…

… the truth is there are 11 million fewer Americans in the labor force!

It gets better from there folks 1 in 5 workers is an illegal or legal immigrant which will most definitely climb since emperor obama issued executive amnesty to 5+ million illegals. You do understand that all the stats coming from the govt on employment are completely incorrect now since that influx of illegals is not being factored in!? With no facts his majesty claims the majority of jobs created were full-time. This coming from a guy who lies incessantly, fact is most of the jobs “created” are most likely people job hopping where job they landed is being counted as a new job created. Sorry going from full-time job A to B is not job creation. Also consider companies have backed off hiring full-time employees to reduce their exposure to obamacare penalties. These are facts that have been in the headlines for over a year. If we are in a recovery why are there still 100 million Americans out of work? Why does the Fed continue to keep interest rates at zero, while still pumping money into the system? The emperor conveniently leaves these facts and many others out from this last press conference for 2014. He also chose to take questions from a selective few instead of the typical front row of reporters who would normally call him out on these figures.

You don’t need to be told all of this, you already know obama is lying pushing these false figures. So what should you do with vids like this accompanied by data showing otherwise? It needs to get out and explained in a simple manner to those who don’t normally hear it. The messaging of conservatives has to change. We can share all this material amongst ourselves but that is preaching to the choir. Lies from his majesty need to get out to those he and his ilk pander to. Do you believe all the drones protesting for income equality understand their jobs are at risk with the influx of illegals coming into the US? A lot of the middle class, inner city and minorities have no clue what is coming and they’ll tell you they haven’t felt any kind of an economic recovery. But if they are shown obama’s policies are what is hurting this country they will eventually realize its not the big evil corporations that are to blame but what his majesty is doing to those companies is what limits opportunities. How many in the uninformed class know about the incentive built into obamacare for corporations to hire illegals over citizens? It’s not he corporations fault they do what they are forced to do in order to stay in business.

We have done enough informing like minds we have to get the message out to those who are in the dark. We wake them up, show them their handlers are their problem not whitey, big corp or Wall Street things will change very quickly!