Obama Releases 5 More Gitmo Prisoners to Kazakhstan

The regime continues on with its agenda to close down Gitmo releasing these killer monsters back onto the streets. Does anyone really believe this new batch will remain locked up in Kazakhstan? We know the recidivism rate is approx 30% but keep in mind that is only calculated by those terrorists who have been captured again or finally killed. It is safe to assume 100% go back to their old ways picking up where they left off waging jihad against the US and our few remaining allies. ISIS leader al Baghdadi is proof terrorists waste no time after release.

The imperial regime has no intention of keeping these killers locked up at Gitmo or anywhere else. These monsters hate us, they belong in cages if not liquidated but the boyking sees it otherwise. Obama constantly dismisses the security risk he puts not only the US in but other nations. When these terrorists he is releasing return to the battlefield and kill again obama will have no excuses and no one to blame.

Take note State Dept Spokes-idiot Marie Harf says “more[releases] to come”.