More Than 90% of Illegals From Surge “No-Shows” at Immigration Hearings

Gee who didn’t see 9 out of 10 illegals being a no-show for immigration hearing! Yes the immigration system broken, broken by those in power who are running it on an honor system for people who have no respect for the US, the rule of law or the American people. Think about it you seldom see them flying the American flag when they protest here while they spew vile racists attacks at Americans. By their very nature of entering the US illegally these “undocumented immigrants” are in fact criminals. Illegals had no intentions ever of doing anything by the book. Each and every one of them was banking on obama to issue amnesty regardless of the prerequisites he set; all of which can be forged/ fabricated to meet the 5 year minimum.

The majority of illegals who were given summons to appear consider that piece of paper literally as their Golden Ticket” to be in the US, regardless of the fact it requires them to appear in court to face deportation. There is zero incentive for any illegal to appear in court because they know they would be deported so they stay because, why not! No one is going to do anything about them while they are on the street as long as the left, Chamber of Commerce, many businesses, govt agencies etc cater to them. Cut off the free stuff, stop with bilingual policies from retail to schools… no more “Press #1 for English”, decimate any business who willfully hires illegals, make illegals pay ALL back taxes in CASH, fine illegals for being here starting at I dunno $10,000 a head payable in CASH etc. They can come out of the shadows just make life next to impossible for an illegal to exist in the US and they will self-deport.

Mexico on the other hand will throw you in jail, deport you or even fire on you if you step on their precious soil. The immigration system the US should have in place is what the Mexicans have believe it or not!