Rep Gohmert Sets Record Straight: Obama Admitted Democrats Were ‘Party of No’

Rep Gohmert finally saying what many have failed to say that the dems are the party of no.As usual no thanks to political correctness and a corrupt media they got away with murder blaming the republicans calling them the “party of no” which is/was in fact lie. FORMER Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was in fact saying NO on 300+ bipartisan passed bills to protect obama and the socialist party from having to take position on many issues. Since nothing was voted on, nothing ever hit obama’s desk for a signature or veto forcing him to take sides. Now that has all changed his majesty has warned the GOP he will unleash his magic veto pen, while lying he wants to work with them. The work obama wants to do with the GOP is sign bills he wants passed otherwise he will veto or use his other magic pen to bypass Congress and get what he wants!

People need to take note these SOB’s chose to sandbag legislature that could help the nation to hang on to political power. If new Leader Mitch McConnell had a set he would walk a film crew into the Senate showing them the 300 bills sandbagged by Reid and then bring every single bill up for a vote before any new legislation is worked on. Let the country see how corrupt Harry Reid and obama are with their own eyes vs telling the people what they did.

It’s one thing to tell people things, it’s another for them to hear and see it.The messaging has got to change, the uninformed have to be educated but educated by others like them who have seen the light. Do that and you will see profound changes from the bottom up!