Outrageous! Top House Republican Reveals GOP’s Amnesty Plans For All Illegals But Violent Criminals

Here you go America more proof the GOP has NO intention of stopping obama’s illegal executive amnesty. Rep Sessions reveals the GOP is in fact going to ensure that “not one person” [illegal] will be removed “that might be here unless they were dangerous to this country and committed a crime…” All illegals will be able to stay except for the ones who are “dangerous” and/or “committed crimes”, but those who fit this description are the ones that got caught! What about all the illegals who fit this description that haven’t been caught?

Newsflash Congressmen all the illegals that are in the US committed a crime to enter the country in the first place. Many have stolen identities, are in possession of forged Social Security cards, ID’s and birth certificates. Does this idiot understand he will be giving amnesty to criminals, gang bangers, drug dealers and even terrorists who have no record and managed not to get caught?

What the GOP is planning to do is a complete slap in the face to the American people who made it clear Nov 4th 2014 we are against amnesty. Consider this, the jobs numbers came out reporting that there are 92mil Americans no longer looking for work. Another report shows only 321,000 jobs were created but in actuality that “number translated into just 4,000 more working Americans“. All these jobs reports are wrong because they do not factor in the 5 million obama granted executive amnesty to. This will make things even harder for people to find jobs, because it’s not just the 5-11mil it’s also their family members you know who will come here too! The economic impact will be devastating for a nation already on the brink! FYI the best and brightest are not rushing across the border either. We are getting an influx of uneducated, under-skilled people who are solely here for all the free stuff!

If the lousy laws on the books were enforced most illegals wouldn’t be here in the first place where life would be difficult for them to exist here. Here’s a few ideas: cut off all aid and entitlements (aka free stuff), fine any and all businesses up to and including shutting the business down and jailing those responsible for hiring illegals. Stop catering to illegals from telling people to dial #1 for English, teaching spanish in schools to removing signage in spanish. In a nutshell cut off the bait that is driving illegals to come into the US in the first place.
If life is made difficult for them here they will leave on their own and self-deport!

You jerks on the Hill talk about not wanting to break up families? It’s done everyday when someone goes to prison for a longtime or when healthcare (yes obamacare) certain meds/ treatments are denied resulting in a family members death! Frankly We the People honestly do not care about illegals getting deported because it is the family’s decision to stay here and not follow their loved ones back to wherever they came from! Cold hearted? Yes because these people in general are stealing from Americans through jobs, driving wages down, straining the healthcare system, draining social entitlement/services programs etc! We have had it!

Congress be warned you are entering dangerous territory if you uphold obama’s illegal actions by giving in and producing an amnesty bill for him to sign. You think these Ferguson and Eric Garner protests are bad wait until all those people marching find out you sold them out and made them second class citizens to illegal aliens!