3 Armed Black St Louis Men Pull White Woman From Car, Beat and Rob Her

Don’t worry America Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Darth Hussein© and Eric Holder will surely get on air, or rush to St Louis to condemn this racially driven attack! Let me guess these 3 armed black men were retaliating for the 3-4 black youth who were arrested for beating a white man (Bosnian) to death with hammers?! Yes I’m being sarcastic….

First off it is incredibly insulting that some in the media are calling this “Bosnian Woman Attacked” or some other title negating the color of her skin. She may be Bosnian but fact of the matter is she is white and they are deliberately leaving that out. It’s as if the media thinks by saying the victim is Bosnian instead of white it will reduce the outrage growing over the double-standards with racially driven attacks. It’s ok to cover the airwaves 24/7 of cities being torn apart and burned, roads, bridges and tunnels shutdown and generally terrorize people when there is a story of white on black crime (police related or not). But when it is black on white we hear nothing and when we do the media pushes the victims nationality!

Black on white crime is never addressed because of the blatant level of racism against whites from this regime down to obama stream media. People need to stop with political correctness and call this what it is. When Sharpton, Jackson, Holder or anyone else connected to the obama admin starts ranting about race their comments are in effect racist in nature! Black this black that, hispanic this hispanic that, but God forbid anyone says anything about white, you talk about white being targeted or frankly being a minority in many cases you are the racist for pointing it out! Race relations have nose-dived no thanks to the obama admin and his majesty’s ilk. The nation was fine until the race hustlers racists starting driving a wedge between the people for political and financial gain.

One last thing that is very bothersome; why is it a number of these attacks as of late are 2-on-1, 3-on-1+ attacks? Can’t these people attack and/or fight someone on their own?