CNN’s Cuomo Admits Occupy Wall Street is Involved With Eric Garner Protests

These dopes protesting Ferguson and Garner have no idea they have been completely infiltrated by the dirty stinky occupy crowd. All you Garner protesters are in for a rude awakening when those around you are more interested to talk about the destruction of capitalism and how all personal debt should be written off instead of addressing excessive use of force by police!

BTW who is paying for all those professionally made signs people are carrying around? Unions, revolutionary communist party, socialist groups etc all backed by dems and billionaires like Bloomberg, Soros and Zuckerberg that’s who! The turnout and speed of these protests is proof there is a network behind the scenes manipulating and using people perverting their legitimate cause for their own agenda. Shame on them for allowing these radicals to take over. The message will fizzle out as time goes on and it gets colder.