Sen Sessions: Illegals Under Executive Amnesty Will ‘Cost Money’ to Taxpayers in ‘Long Run’

The majority of illegal aliens entering the US are not the best and brightest. They are poorly educated without even a high school diploma, under-skilled who work low paying jobs. They will not be contributing much to the US economy, will not create jobs (maybe some federal ones to process them) and will not be paying much in anything in taxes. Social Security is already maxed out and these people who have not paid into it will have access! That’s just one program there are many others illegals will max out taking from Americans who have paid into the system for a lifetime!

As Sen Sessions explains they will in fact take advantage of many of the tax exempt programs and benefits. A tax exemption for them means that money they should be paying will be covered by another taxpayer. Nothing is free someone somewhere will have to pay! Now let’s be clear this has NOTHING to do with income equality, it is not a justification to raise minimum wage. Jobs are scarce so in actuality you will have competition by way of who is willing to work for less, not more! Many on the left will more than likely take this as another reason to raise minimum wage to $15/hr for flipping burgers and sweeping floors. Doesn’t work that way in the real world. Those who possess low wage jobs are being paid what is commensurate with the job and their experience. Let me also say because of the influx of illegals taking these jobs from Americans they have in fact driven wages down for said jobs. As I’ve explained here many times illegals tend to live in packs sharing living costs unlike most Americans who are not living 2-4 families in one home like illegals will!

Executive amnesty must be stopped, obama doesn’t have the legal authority and we cannot afford 5-11 million people added to our social entitlement system who are not paying into it. Those of you on the left barely making it you are going to feel this as much as the people you attack on the right! Amnesty is bad for all Americans and our economy. Politicians on both sides only want amnesty to tap into a new pool of voters to hold power since we all are wising up to the crooks in DC!