Sen Sessions: Obama Rushing Executive Amnesty Through Before Anything Can Be Done To Stop It

Obama is “rushing to impose his immigration views before the Congress can contain it or restrain it, before the American people fully understand what’s happening, and to make it so it can’t be stopped.”

Sen Sessions warned Congress to invoke the power of the purse to stop obamas lawless actions on executive amnesty. None of his radical illegal actions can be implemented without funding. So we must put pressure on them to not fund anything, including the facility that will require 1000 people to process illegals. Think about the size and scope of 1000 paper pushers to issue Social Security ID’s, worker permits etc to reward people who broke the law getting into the US. How many more facilities like the Virginia facility will go up around the country?

Americans unemployed, in poverty or just above and the middle class are going to feel the impact of obamas illegal action. He doesn’t care about anyone, all he wants is to deliver a new pool of voters to progressives (R’s & D’s). We are going to learn real quick who in Congress is truly with us or against us with these votes to stop the imperial emperor. Many are already on record surrendering the powers given to them in the Constitution to stop him. They are in effect allowing obama to become that king/ dictator Newt Gingrich warned about Sessions cites.