Canadian PM Harper Warns About the Threat Radical Islam Poses to the World

Hey obama pay attention this is what a REAL LEADER sounds like! Can we trade obama for Harper? The world would probably be much safer if we had a true leader willing to fight our enemies instead of pandering to them.

Now what should we take from this? It should tell all Americans what many of us already know: barack obama is a muslim sympathizer. He refuses to call out muslim extremists for the violent acts they have carried out against mankind even having such language removed from DOD and other federal agency lexicons. When he spoke on the French attack from the white house it must have been like pulling teeth for him to even say “act of terrorism”. Time after time he makes excuses for them or to go as far as saying jihadists are not true muslims. Sorry but they are! Their is no misinterpretation from what the Koran teaches, they are living by what is spelled out within the text. PM Harper knows the fight has to be brought to the death cult but obama and French PM Hollande want to pander and dismiss them. Meanwhile muslim extremists are moving right along with building their global caliphate.

This lax attitude is going to get a lot of people killed as another large scale attack is on the horizon. How those in brass can sit back letting this all unfold is beyond me. That is some strange code of honor you all have….