Judge Pirro: “We’re at War” “We Need to Kill Them, We Need to KILL” Radical Muslim Terrorists

Judge Pirro hits another one out of the park!

Most sane Americans and people in the civilized world can agree on two things Pirro states:
1) Islamic radicals need to be killed, wiped off the face of the earth
2) Moderate/ good muslims (who remain MIA to this day) need to be the ones who do the dirty work. I have no problem with the US and our allies SELLING arms to any Arab nation to hunt down and kill radical extremists. (They even think about turning said weapons on us we take them out!)

American, British, French, Italian, etc blood should no longer be shed in a foreign land dealing with a problem born and active within a Arab nation hosting islamic radicals. The Saudis, Iraqis, Malaysians whomever should turn their military on the extremists, hunt them down and kill every last one of them. No captures, trials etc find them and vaporize them! That goes for America and her allies. We have a problem we don’t want or expect the Brits to come here and deal with it, we deal with it. Same rule should apply to Arab nations.

Everything Judge Pirro says in her opening statement is true but the majority of it will never come to fruition under this corrupt, inept, politically correct govt. We have leaders in DC who sympathize and pander to our enemies. Political correctness is getting people killed at this point. They can kill us but we can’t say anything about muslims or slander muhammad?! By pushing political correctness those in power have allowed islamic radicals to conquer us “through immigration”, conquer us “through interfaith dialogue and they have conquered us by co-opting our leaders into a position of embarrassment”. It is not far-fetched for the Judge to suggest an executive order or law passed limiting our free speech when it comes to addressing/ dealing with islam and muslims. This govt will move against the American people before it would ever take action against these jihadi killers who want ALL of us dead!

DC wants these killers on the loose because as long as they exist politicians see opportunities to make money and grab more power. This is the same conclusion we come to on almost every issue and problem. The problems with the economy, social system or terrorism all have corrupt politicians as the common denominator as to why nothing is ever done to correct the problem. We need new leadership who will put country ahead of man/ government.

Like Pirro says the Founders put everything they had on the line to provide rights and privileges this govt is surrendering to our enemies. We have gone from visionaries who gave a damn to men like obama who look away giving away “free college” to reducing our military while the world burns.

When Americans take to the streets to protest against this govt (install some fear into DC) and its pandering to our enemies, like French did to protest terrorism, maybe we will see change here…