Obama a NO SHOW as World Leaders Gather in France For March in Solidarity

Where is obama? What is so important in his schedule he couldn’t attend the solidarity march in Paris, France? I looked, his schedule for the weekend is empty…

obama schedule 1/9-1/11
WH schedule

Hell even Biden’s schedule is empty…

biden sched 1:11:15

Why bring up Biden? Well let’s assume there is some super secret meeting obama had to be at he could have at least sent Biden to attend, or for that matter how about Secretary of State John Kerry!?

Remember these are people who will jump on Air Force One (Two) fly across the country to attend a fundraiser for a few hours and then leave. So those in support of obama don’t say “it’s a time” or “logistical” issue. This is a guy who will hop on OUR plane and go wherever he wants whenever he wants on OUR DIME! If Netanyahu can stand approx 10 feet away from Abbas, barack obama (if he wanted to) could find the time to attend!

So what does this mean? Obamas absence from todays march of solidarity with 40 world leaders in Paris, France is a direct indictment of his approval, blessing whatever you want to call it in the actions of radical islam against the civilized world. Seriously, the leader of the free world is MIA at the largest march in French history against terrorism which obama claims to be against!! Too harsh on him? NO!

Need you be reminded this is the same “president” who released 5 of some of the worst taliban leaders from Gitmo for Bowe Begdahl (a deserter)? Or how about the addl release of 5 more terrorists from Gitmo over the holiday break? Have you forgotten how obama welcomed the muslim brotherhood to the white house? Then there is obama’s ties to CAIR allowing them to dictate policy and procedure in dealing with terrorists to even have the words “muslim terrorist(s)” removed from DOD and govt agencies lexicon! The list goes on and on of how obama has turned a blind eye to muslim extremism or won’t even acknowledge its existence.

The truth is right there in plain sight, anyone saying otherwise in is pure denial. At this point it is time for 1 million+ Americans to march in solidarity against this “president”. US military you are now being called out to follow in the steps of the NYPD and turn your backs on obama whether you’re braking rules of conduct or not. It is time to choose sides, either you are with the American people and support your country or you support a man who DOES NOT have you best interests in mind! No? Really? Do you all need to be reminded about budget cuts, dismantling of our defenses, treatment of vets etc under this man?

This is the fundamental transformation obama promised in 2008 happening right before our eyes. Our elected leaders you too are on notice for not coming down on this admin. Face it America we are on our own!