As Obama Announced Cybersecurity Bills CENTCOM’s Twitter & YouTube Accts Get Hacked

It’s safe to say CyberJihad has been fully waged against the US! As the obama announced new cybersecurity bills ISIS hackers hit Central Command’s (CENTCOM) Twitter and YouTube accounts. Now while some will downplay social media accounts getting hit it’s safe to assume they had access to more than those accounts to go along with their threat to attack soldiers.

CENTCOM hacked threat to soldiers

High ranking military officials names and addresses were released and some contingency plans with regards to “China scenarios” as well!


As for obama, he has demonstrated time and again how disconnected he is with reality. If ISIS was dealt with properly we wouldn’t have to worry about soldiers being ambushed by islamic terrorists. His speech today should have been an apology for not attending the Paris solidarity march and securing the nation against terror attacks. Obama shows the US and world he just doesn’t care plugging along with more laws, regs and power grabs that we will learn about buried within this legislation he is proposing. Cyber attacks do need to be addressed but acting like nothing has happened over the last week is completely derelict in duty.