Muslim Journalist Blames Fox News For Unfair Burden on Islam to Denounce Terrorism

There is nothing unfair about expecting moderate muslims to rise up and speak out against radical islam. When extremists in any other religion or group act up those who are sane within said religions or groups will condemn the extremists. This Ahmed Shihab-Eldin is just not telling the truth about how other religions or groups react, he deflecting because he has no defense for the absolute silence coming from the muslim community. The Westboro Baptist Church is the perfect example of religious extremism outside the norms of Christian beliefs. These people are vile, disgusting and have been rightfully called out and counter protested. Christians don’t cower in corner and clam up, they spoke out making it clear this group of lunatics do not represent all Christians. But for whatever reason it is a crime to expect moderate muslims to do the same calling out the radical extremists. This leaves us to conclude moderate muslims live in fear and/or approve of the extremists actions.

If this jerk thinks he is going to convince people bigotry or islamophobia is in play he has another thing coming. Seriously?! Taking shots at Fox isn’t going to get him any credibility either since people are wise to the bias or rather cowering CNN and the crap media gives to radical islam. As a matter of fact what CNN and the others do only empowers islamic extremists to continue to strike since they are afraid to call them out where as Fox and its personalities do. We saw 4 million French citizens marching and it’s probably safe to bet the majority if not all of the 6 million muslims living in France didn’t participate. That is what is at issue, muslims and muslim nations remaining silent. To this day the majority of the muslim community worldwide has remained silent after all the terrorists attacks in their religions name, so clearly we must conclude the community approves. Or did some of the Arab nations launch massive sweeps of islamic radicals that we all missed?

Not to speak is to speak.