NBC Reporter: Chris Kyle a ‘Racist’ Who Went on ‘Killing Sprees’ in Iraq

Ayman Mohyeldin, NBC’s foreign affairs reporter who is a good little obama propagandist, covers himself citing people’s descriptions on “stories” about Kyle along with his own words to label him a racist who went on killing sprees while protecting American troops and Iraqis. It’s word play which propagandists from obama down to Mohyeldin are experts at manipulating.

One views/interprets what Kyle and others like him did as killing sprees where as those of us in the sane world see them giving cover and protection from the monsters of the world. Monsters whom it should be pointed out would have NO MERCY on any liberal coming to their defense! All the dopes at MSDNC, special interests and in govt do understand those islamic radicals you defend would saw your head off on live tv if they were given the opportunity!?

The more success and money “American Sniper” rakes in at the box office the more the left will trash Chris Kyle. The reaction to this movie has truly proven leftists and all progressives have a mental disorder.