Propaganda Minister: Taliban Use Tactics Akin to Terrorism But Aren’t Terrorists

Killing 130+ kids in Pakistan is just a tactic and act of violence not terrorism.
IEDs blowing US soldiers to pieces are acts of violence not terrorism.
Countless suicide bombings carried out against civilians, just acts of violence not terrorism.

You see stupid Americans since the taliban is localized in Afghanistan and are not global like al Qaeda they aren’t deemed terrorists, even though they have direct ties with terror groups like al Qaeda!

The barack obama regime wants to classify acts of outright terrorism as violence making those engaged in terrorism equivalent to common criminals, better yet extremists. The language being used by the Propaganda Minister and all regime members is all calculated to dismiss the lethality of muslim terrorists like the taliban again to make them into common criminals but also so they can be grouped with other “extremists”.. you know the TEA Party, conservatives, Christian conservatives, supports of Israel, Constitutionalists, supporters of gun rights etc aka obamas enemies. We have been warned time and again what we know is up will be down, left is right, good is bad… terrorist attacks are criminal acts violence. This admin is fully engaged in a media campaign to protect cold-blooded killers for something, some plan yet to be revealed coming down the road.

This defense of the taliban may have something to do with the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated all levels of US govt, but that’s just crazy conspiracy theory right? No one in the Muslim Brotherhood has access to the White House… oh wait they do.

Do you hear any of our elected leaders speaking one word about the dangers the islamist occupying the oval office is putting the US in? Where are those champions of the Constitution, defenders of the people? Are they passing legislation to lock the border down, defund obamacare, stimulate the economy or stop the growth and infiltration of radical islam in the US govt? NO! They remain silent because they do not care, each and every one of us is expendable. Actually no we aren’t, we are an opportunity should something happen for the power elite to seize more power!

There is one group of people who can put a stop to this but they have been neutered. They know the score but stay silent violating an oath they claim to hold high.
SHAME ON EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!! Go read the Declaration of Independence again, the directive is clear…