Rep Trey Gowdy Grills Deputy Asst Sec of State for Stonewalling Benghazi Investigation

Hearing after hearing it’s the same story with Gowdy and company railing against regime members for withholding information, causing delays, not providing documents etc over the Benghazi investigation.

When one requests all emails and documents they mean it, yet the regime continues to drag its feet on said request where they have just dumped 15,000 pages of new documents on the committee. The longer this is drawn out the less likely we will ever get a solid answer as to what happened in Benghazi let alone who made the fateful decisions to NOT help Americans who asked for it three times while they were under attack.

Said more times here than I care remember that what we witnessed was the obama regimes attempt to bury the truth that they were actively engaged in running guns into the middle east with the dead (ie Stevens, Smith, Doherty, Woods). The so-called rebels they were arming have turned out to be terrorists from IS, al Qaeda, al Nusra etc etc. This is not conspiracy or crazy right-wing theory, the stories are in plain sight from ABC, Business Insider, New York Times etc. Go do the homework you will see it all to be true!

Why does it all matter, why should people care at this point? Aside from Americans being left for dead, it proves members of this govt up to and including in the White House are guilty of treason for arming our enemies!