Ted Nugent Defends ‘Subhuman Mongrel’ Comment Against Obama a Year Later

“So really there was there was such an uproar over my choice of name calling, but not uproar over a bunch of punks who would dictate policy forcing citizens of the United States to be unarmed and helpless. You choose whose side you’re on!…”

Nugent has been maintaining a low-key ever since he blasted obama calling him a subhuman mongrel last year at Shot Show even promising at one point to stop with the name calling. Even though he has slightly changed his choice in words his message remains clear calling out the destroyers in DC. They hate freedom and independence and are more than willing to deny ones right to protect themselves with their never-ending attack on gun rights.

We have given far too much power to the crusaders of political correctness. What does it say about people who so concerned about name calling that we will allow it dictate our way of life? What does that say about our rights of free speech? Thankfully we have people like Ted Nugent to make things clear even for the over-sensitive and thick heads of the world. You don’t want obama called a subhuman mongrel for the actions he and his ilk have committed that’s okay we’ll just call them liars and criminals instead! The PC police can try every angle they want to muzzle one from name calling but they will never be able to hide the criminal actions obama, Hillary, Reid and Pelosi have committed against the American people.