Donald Trump Blasts Romney and Bush on 2016 Run… “You Just Can’t Have Those Two”


Trump is right on most of his points against Romney except the “47%”. That is fact, there was nothing wrong with Romney saying it where in reality it turned out to be 52%. He was giving tough love like the tough love Trump delivers in his speech.

Bush is a wrong choice for all the reasons Trump pointed out, but also where does he differ from Hillary and prog-dems? There’s no real difference between Bush and Clinton when you get down to it and if you noticed many on the left WELCOME him running.

Here’s a tip whomever the left is ranting about running under the progressive R moniker stay as far away from them as possible!

Should Trump run? Don’t know, but we clearly need someone with some actual experience governing to run. Obama proved inexperienced candidates will turn into complete disasters, Hillary has no solid experience either. She simply worked the system to climb the political ladder making her resume give the appearance she is qualified. Fact is she’s done nothing only leaving destruction in her path or haven’t you noticed whats going on internationally as of late? Russian reset, Benghazi, foreign affairs in general all a disaster no thank to her obama which John Jerry is continuing. The majority of people she will be running against both progressive D’s & R’s have done nothing either. There are a few who stand out but they are a small minority you will see very soon will be attacked from within their own party by the establishment!

Time for a third party, the people have zero representation in DC. We need a new party who doesn’t bow down to elitists, know-it-alls on K Street, are tools of special interests and punching bags for the corrupt media.