Valerie Jarrett Compares Islamist Terrorism by ISIS and AQAP to Shootings in Wisconsin and DC

Well now Sub-President Jarrett has found time from her busy schedule running the nation to expand on her talking points that she had her puppet express during the State of the Union Speech.

Were you not warned here that the regime would dismiss radical islam/ muslim extremists as simple extremists to bunch them up with monsters who have committed mass killings. By doing this they make no differentiation between islamic radicals and enemies of the obama regime aka YOU! The TEA Party, conservatives, Christian conservatives, supporters of Israel, those against immigration reform, Constitutionalists etc have all been ID’d as extremists. This govt will never lay a hand on Occupy, Ferguson, communists and radical revolutionaries. These radicals are protected because they advance the progressive agenda. Watch and see when there is another attack on US soil by a “lone wolf” extremist regime members will speak out that extremists need to be dealt with.