Americans Are Losing Jobs While Illegals Are Getting Jobs Thanks to Obama

The obama regime can tinker with the employment numbers all they want to hide the fact they have clearly given preferential treatment to illegals turning American citizens into second class citizens. There is no incentive to come to the US legally since the regime is handing out work permits. From 2009-2014 957,000 illegals received work permits, while another 5.5 million permits were issued to aliens. While we welcome legal immigration shouldn’t there be emphasis on getting Americans jobs before those jobs are given to legal and illegal aliens? Thanks to obamnesty the numbers of jobs created/ filled will look good on the books but they are going to illegal and legal aliens! What about American citizens?

This govt proves time after time they do not care about the American people. 100 million are out of work right now, have you heard anyone on the hill talking about doing anything to get the economy going and put those of us long-term unemployed back to work? How many bills has this new republican Congress, who promised progress was coming, passed to get us back to work?

FYI those in DC thinking the money earned will stay here you’re dreaming. Sure a few bucks will be spent for housing, food and necessities but the bulk of earnings is sent back to the illegals nation of origin family. One US dollar goes much farther in a third-world nation than it will in the US, so don’t bank on those revenues. This only proves illegals presence here will hurt the economy. There are less dollars in our economy which means lower tax revenues that will equate in govt programs some depend on will be redlined much quicker, esp since illegals are tapping social services programs. Illegals offer no benefit to the US economy and in fact hurt it while stealing jobs from unemployed Americans.

Nearly 1 Million border crossing illegals immigrants have received work permits