Fmr DIA Director: Obama National Sec Strategy Doesn’t Prioritize International Threats

All the retired generals know and understand the threat radical islam poses on the world but not obama. Lt Gen Michael Flynn fmr DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) Director points out obama will call them ISIL where ISLAMIC is the first word in the acronym yet he won’t identify them as islamic extremists. The strategy isn’t working because obama simply doesn’t want it to work. Everything he says and does as of late are to protect islam. Why is this? Well as warned obama wants to treat terrorism committed by islamic radicals as simple acts of violence, identify terrorists as simple hardened criminals to handle them in a criminal justice system.

Obama and his ilk have already been calling his political enemies terrorists, extremists etc., he is lumping everyone together on purpose. Why? Because when we get hit again and the people demand “something has to be done” it will open the doors for him or the next progressive in power to go after ALL extremists. Is this a stretch? Nope look at how much fundamental transformation he has already delivered! If you think obama or the next prog in office won’t use a terror attack on US soil to go after anyone and everyone deemed an extremist you are delusional. Remember this is the same govt who has ALREADY been spying on citizens, putting reporters under investigation, a govt that has weaponized agencies like the IRS and EPA to target and destroy people’s lives and has even used DHS to go after citizens! The crazy talk of today becomes fact tomorrow, we have more than enough solid examples to prove this.